Efraim Grebnev

United States Navy Gas Turbines Technician

This website serves as an introduction to my work and myself. I am as of the moment active duty military serving the United States Navy. This landing page serves as a showcase of what I do, what I've done, and what my future goals are. This website was entirely designed by me, and was build from scratch from Bootstrap

I'm an avid learner and will continue to do so as we go through this journey of life.

About Me


I live life the way I want to

Currently I live in the nice little town of Great Lakes Illinois where I'm currently undergoing training to become a Naval Gas Turbines Technician

I have 2 loving brothers and a father who I love very much

I develop applications for fun, and this is my most recent project. I love to learn, my work and my hobbies defintelly keep that part of my life very interesting and full

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My Travels

I've traveled a bit and hope to make a few more adventures. Adventure is always a part of my life, wether jumping face first into the mountains, or learning about other cultures. I'm always up for a challenge and an adventure.


Platform Name Date completed Github Link
Web Happy Content Generator 9/11/2018 Hackathon 2018
Windows Little Knight 8/24/2018 Little Knight
C# Library Socket Communications Library 9/04/2018 Socket Library
Web Personal Website 4/18/2020 Website
Minecraft 8-bit Minecraft CPU 4/28/2018 TODO LINK

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